140 000 PLN of prizes after first announcement!

11 Lip 2019

We've announced first tasks of HackYeah 2019!

Currently the prize pool is 140 000 PLN but fear not, it is about to grow even more! Next announcements are planned for 5th of August and 5th of September.

There are 3 main categories:



We’re looking for solutions in the areas of news, social media, supplying information, overcoming obstacles and barriers, network, communities and more! Embrace your ideas in this category and feel the power of COMMUNICATION.

PRIZE 10 000 PLN


You don’t know where the road goes but your brand new application could make every trip safer and well planned. Moreover, the right to privacy is one of the hottest topics nowadays. If cybersecurity is your thing, take up this challenge. Privacy, safety, insurance, safekeeping it’s all a part of this category.

PRIZE 10 000 PLN


Every smartphone can be used to learn more about how to recycle efficiently and how to make small lifestyle changes. Can you create an app that makes people more eco-friendly? Can AI save the planet? Think about green solutions, smart cities, think about the future and do your best using your skills and IT knowledge.

PRIZE 10 000 PLN


And we have also some partners tasks ready!



Do you want to check yourself in space of Cybersecurity? This year the army has prepared new CTF challenge! They guarantee a lot of positive energy, support at every stage, and remarkable prizes for the winners. There are also additional prizes to be revealed soon. They will allow you to take part in “military adventure” in real life!

PRIZE 30 000 PLN

[ORLEN Mobile – First Aid module]

The aim of the task is to create an intuitive interactive application for people who are on the scene of an accident and want to give first aid. The solution should be available on smartphones and one of the PKN ORLEN’s internal websites.

PRIZE 20 000 PLN


The goal of the task is to use the available tools and libraries for image processing and Bosch Rexroth servo drive control for precise positioning of the shaft at a given position using the real time camera image.

PRIZE 20 000 PLN

[ORLEN – IT Security – choose one]

  • Workstation & OT server hardening verification

The solution should collect data about automation server and workstation configuration, compare the configuration with the predefined model and on this prepare a report

  • Assessing the level of cybersecurity

The solution should generate a report concerning the level of cybersecurity based on the information provided, broken down by particular areas

PRIZE 20 000 PLN

[ORLEN – Internal employee communication using a chatbot]

The aim of the task is to propose a chatbot solution which would support the HR employees in providing additional information, i.a. based on a defined and constantly developed database of questions, continuous self-learning of the chatbot, search of available data and documents, etc.

PRIZE 20 000 PLN