265 000 PLN in prizes after second announcement!

21 Sie 2019

Our lemurs talked to some important people in some important places and they got you a crazy amount of awesome tasks you can face at HackYeah!

We all know that due to coal powered powerplants, enormous food production and cutting out forests our planet is starting to lack drinking water. GovTech is looking for your help in solving this issue:

[GovTech – Water Challenge]

We invite environmentalists, engineers, programmers, activists, lawyers and all willing citizens full of ideas to take up the water challenge! We will deal with issues related to sustainable development, water engineering, pollution and social responsibility. During HackYeah there will be 3 categories related to water waiting for you, so everyone will find something for themselves!


80 000 PLN

The owner of LOTTO brand is looking for ideas for confirming the age of their players:

[Totalizator Sportowy – Enter the world of entertainment]

Totalizator Sportowy – the owner of the LOTTO brand invites you to design a new interactive tool. The world of lotteries absorbs more and more solutions from the area of new technologies. It is important to achieve synergy between many communication channels and to build multidimensional tools to broaden the horizons of entertainment. We are looking for the solutions which will allow us to confirm the age and identity of players based on internet and biometric data, used in both on-line and land-based sales channels.

25 000 PLN

Other tasks you can face at HackYeah:

[ARP – Mobile application for managers with biometric verification]

Once using IT tools for effective management it is necessary to provide the user with freedom of choice of time and place of the tool usage. The task is to create a functional application for managers, improving the decision-making process. The idea of our task is to provide secure and fully mobile workflow access without the need to set up a VPN.

In today’s world threats in cyberspace can cause unimaginable damage, therefore the application should have an advanced biometric verification module using artificial intelligence (fingerprint, face recognition). This module’s function would be to authenticate the user, allow them to use the app no matter what device they currently use, upload and update certificates.

The application should also include an AI module that analyzes the content of the question inputted by the user and creates possible answers on its basis, without the need to enter them manually. Then the answers should be collected and aggregated. The user should have access to the desktop, where he will be able to check current and historical processes.

The last element of the application is the creation of a bot, consisting of automated downloading and transfer of data from and to source systems.

10 000 PLN

[EXATEL – Data categorizing software]

Amount of available data increases every day. Finding useful information – information we can work with – is possible, but quite tedious and difficult without spending lots of resources.

Can you write the software which, given a lot of uncategorized data (say – tweets, blog posts, application logs, pcaps), groups them by the similarity of the discussed topic?

The goal is that certain groups can be ignored as uninteresting and other browsed manually. Could you score and sort the information in a useful way?

If you’ve considered trying your skills with unsupervised machine learning, this challenge is for you!

10 000 PLN