Free pizzas at HackYeah thanks to Pizza Hut – our official pizza partner!

26 Sie 2019

We know pizza is one of humans best friends and it does perfectly at all kinds of hackathons so…

a while ago we’ve posted a challenge on our socials – calling out all Warsaws pizzerias to deliver pizzas to all HackYeah attendees.

Lucky for us Pizza Hut took it up, they decided they will deliver 3000 pizzas, engaging all their restaurants in Warsaw!


35kg od mushrooms and 390 kgs of cheese!

For the production of 3,000 pizzas, the pizzeria will use 390 kg of mozzarella, 52 kg of ham, 34 kg of pepperoni, 35 kg of mushrooms and 123 kg of tomato sauce.


How much for the pizza?

Nada, we are giving them away for free! During the event the pizza will be delivered to all tables with regards to the estabilished timetable.


Besides that you will get 4 different meals: at 2 PM and 7 PM on Saturday and 8 AM and 12PM on Sunday!

If you’d be still hungry (is that even possible??) make sure to visit our partners stands for some snacks or drop by to the nearby foodtrucks festival.


And… If you use the code PizzaPartner while registering to HackYeah you get the ticket for free!!!