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How to make connections and stay in touch no matter where you are and no matter what language you speak? Have you ever thought about a way to enable people to understand each other? Could you make a great game helping to learn foreign languages? How to fight fake news? Can you shorten the time of transmitting data?

We’re looking for solutions in the areas of news, social media, supplying information, overcoming obstacles and barriers, network, communities and more! Embrace your ideas in this category and feel the power of COMMUNICATION.

Take part in HackYeah: sleep, eat, code and repeat, bringing better solutions.


Team name: AI Chimpanzees
Project name: Signslate – Sign Language Translator

Team members: Kamil Zawistowski, Igor Kurek, Kacper Rączy, Jan Kosek, Damian Szyszka, Mateusz Szczepański

What the project is about? Main goal of our solution was to increase communication possibilities for the deaf without speech. It was the first try to overcome this communication obstacle in freeware application. Despite problems with computing larg datasets by our models we achieved our goal.

Project description: Signslate is your personal sign language translator, allowing you to communicate with sign language users with ease. Our application uses machine learning to classify pose and motion using footage from your mobile phone.


Team name: Pink Monkeys
Project name: PKP Seat Finder

Team members: Szymon Kocur, Piotr Basiński, Dmytro Myroshnychenko, Sławomir Grzebień, Tomasz Mularczyk, Dawid Hallmann

Project description: There are some cases that PKP sells out tickets without guaranteeing a sitting spot. In such situation a person might think that he should stand the whole journey. PKP Seat Finder is created to help finding empty seats in train, it uses a network of preinstalled cameras that are connected to the neural network which uses face detection to count empty seats. Connecting it with real-time database allows users to respond quickly to the dynamically changing situation in train cars.


Team name: Terminal
Project name: SpeakAir

Team members: Kamil Gałek, Marcin Haręza, Aleksandra Buczek, Marta Mazurkiewicz, Łukasz Pawełczak, Michał Stasiak

What is the project about? Airport transfers can be a nightmare. Hours of waiting for you plane mean boredom and exhaustion. Instead of wasting precious time, you can now convert the unpleasant experience into a great opportunity. Use your airport waiting time to meet new people and explore other cultures!

Project description: Users: travelers, people between 18-35, students with a lower budget, lone travelers. Problem: long transfers, airport constraints, sitting alone, boredom
Goal: To make the time more attractive while waiting for the plane
– matching people with overlapping connecting time at the same airport, the same needs and the same languages,
– leaving a mark at the airport by sharing stories,
– gaining rewards in two categories: checked-in airports and met persons




Let’s care for the ENVIRONMENT together. People on Earth do a lot of harm to our planet, animals, and nature. The world is changing, when we think about the future, the number one priority must be to protect the climate. It’s important to try to take some responsibility for the world and the environment we live in.

You’re the boss! Join HackYeah and do some good for us all.

Every smartphone can be used to learn more about how to recycle efficiently and how to make small lifestyle changes. Can you create an app that makes people more eco-friendly? Can AI save humankind and the planet? Think about green solutions, think about smart cities, think about the future and do your best using your both skills and IT knowledge.


Team name: Rangers
Project name: ForestVille

Team members: Łukasz Piłatowski, Michał Oręziak, Łukasz Misiak, Kacper Trębacz, Rasmus Eriksson, Stanisław Stupkiewicz

What is the project about? Forestville allows you to help the nature in a direct and more personal way, removing the barrier of knowledge and abilities for planting the trees, leaving you with a pure joy from doing something good for all of us.

Project description:  ForestVille is an app that allows users to buy trees and place them in their desired location in the easiest way. We believe that with the right set of tools people will more willing to donate eco-friendly initiatives. That is why first we plan to give landowners like Polish National Forests and voivodeship cities alternative form of additional financing which does not require from them almost any work. People chose a location in our application where they want to donate. After that, they have the possibility to pick allowed type of trees in that place. When comes to the money transfer there are two options. The user could either transfer money to virtual wallet or after integration with the bank plant trees using his spare change. It works like this. When a user makes payment during daily activities we use roundings of his total spending eg. when user paid 8 PLN we round that to 10 and transfer 2 PLN to a goal which he picked in our app. In the next phase, we plan to expand our portfolio by other initiatives connected with the environment to give your users a bigger range of options.



Team name: Wróbelki
Project name: Care and Rescue
Team members: Mateusz Chwedczuk, Michał Papliński, Dawid Krakowczyk, Marta Jachtoma

Project description: The main assumption of the project is to increase people’s awareness of topics related to the environment. The purpose of the application is to allow the user to submit a report using a convenient web application. After completing the form, it is possible to send an official document to selected organizations dealing with complaints. The user receives a notification when sending an email and administrators have the ability to view statistics and all reports. It is also possible to track the current status of complaints.


Team name: Eat ’em all
Project name: Foodsharing spots – no food waste
Team members: Adrian Moroń, Kamil Zając, Aleksander Kędzior, Adam Niesłony

What the project is about? Our application can significantly reduce problem of the food waste, that affects many of us by overbuying groceries.

Project description: We tend to overbuy groceries, which finally ends up in trash. Approximately 1/3 of globally produced food is wasted – that’s enormous waste of money, water, energy and, massive greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emission! Why don’t we share it with others – before it gets expired? FoodSharingSpots app lets you to easily find closest spot, where you can simply leave your food, or just report your willing to share – our Patrons will take it from you.


SECURITY – what does it mean to you? All parents worry about their kids. Could you help them rest assured when their children are away?

This is just a hint, there are so many options. 

You don’t know where the road goes but your brand new application could make every trip safer and well planned. Moreover, the right to privacy is one of the hottest topics nowadays. If cybersecurity is your thing, take up this challenge. Privacy, safety, insurance, safekeeping it’s all a part of this category. Technology, creativity and your skills can create new tools and better solutions. Is there a way to keep safe in danger? SECURITY means something different to everybody. Do you have some ideas?


Team name: HackCube
Project name: HackCube

Team members: Bartosz Gałek, Paweł Zwierzchowski, Tomasz Jackowiak, Ilona Skarbowska, Magdalena Terefenko

What the project is about? Security awareness needs to be improved for the sake of internet safety for all people despite their computer knowledge.

Project description: HackCube is an educational game combining physical electronic device and the application guiding the user through the tasks which aim is to improve the level of cybersecurity awareness.The goal of the game is to hack the cube with the mystery information hidden inside by solving various tasks connected with cybersecurity issues such as breaking the passwords or escalating privileges. The user becomes a cyber-detective and simply by having fun learns the techniques of breaking Internet Security and spotting application weaknesses to avoid them in real life.



Team name: Mustache Team
Project name: Man In The Mustache
Team members: Angelika Konderak, Krystian Bojeczko, Filip Czaplicki, Jakub Trzebiatowski

What the project is about?  Man in the Mustache is a humorous “man in the middle” attack implementation that aims to bring attention to the very serious topic of web traffic encryption.

Project description:  Internet is nowadays used for transporting very sensitive data. If the traffic is unencrypted, it can be captured and manipulated on the go. This kind of attack is called “man in the middle”. We implemented a fully working MITM proxy that intercepts all HTTP connections and adds mustache to every person on every photo using a facial landmarks detection machine learning model.


Team name: Polcode
Project name: Onyo! – community-driven emergency notifcations system
Team members: Mateusz Kolasa, Mateusz Nastalski, Jerzy Zawadzki

What the project is about? Why it’s important? Because I believe that with really simple idea and proper algorithm with can increase safety of people.

Project description: Current official, government based emergency notification systems have simple flaws – too wide area for notifications (e.g. a whole voivodeship) and slow reactions (someone „higher up” has to agree to send a notification first) to name a few. Onyo! (suahili for „warning”) is a simple mobile app that allows people to send reports about emergencies they are currently witnessing (e.g. severe weather conditions or a terrorist attack). All verified alerts would then be sent via push notifications or text messages to all registered users in the specific area that may be influenced by an emergency (based on their real-time location or pre-selected area of interest).


Water Challenge by GovTech

We invite environmentalists, engineers, programmers, activists, lawyers and all willing citizens full of ideas to take up the water challenge! We will deal with issues related to sustainable development, water engineering, pollution and social responsibility. During HackYeah there will be 3 categories related to water waiting for you, so everyone will find something for themselves!

ORLEN Mobile – First Aid module by PKN Orlen

PKN ORLEN provides its customers with the ORLEN Mobile application, which makes it possible for the users i.a. to search for filling stations, use discount coupons, as well as pay for fuel with a smartphone directly at the distributor. As part of the development of this application, it is planned to create an independent module aimed at supporting drivers in first aid, for example in the case of collisions and road accidents, as a further element of the company’s activity in the area of road traffic safety. The aim of the task is to create an intuitive interactive application for people who are on the scene of an accident and want to give first aid. The solution should be available on smartphones and one of the PKN ORLEN’s internal websites. More details to follow soon.


Team name: Rescue hackers
Project name: First Aid Assistant
Team members: Cezary Janiak, Elina Talashka, Adam Kopczyński, Marta Lewandowska, Wojciech Kulas

What the project is about? The application helps to provide immediate, effective help to everyone, by everyone and in every situation, even offline and without using their hands to operate it.

Project description: As a Rescue Hackers team, we have created reliable, fastest, user-friendly tool to help people in accidents.  Main advantage of the app is in text-to-speech and voice-recognition algorithms that are designed to handle stressful situation and show proper steps in first aid process. That is achieved by very strict and short instructional voice commands and simple, graphic illustrations. Other features are: sending geolocation points, scale, number of injured and many more additional important informations about the accident. Map with the closest NFZ, AED and Orlen gas stations localisations provides directions to the place of accident to rescue services.  Users can learn about first aid actions in a training center, check their knowledge in quizzes, get useful information in a survival guide about steps in emerging situations.  Application can also request help from the closest civil rescuer in the “Orlen Heroes” program, that can be joined by anyone with valid first aid license. And did you think about drones helping in road accidents? The app can request an AED carried by drone from the closest Orlen station in case a CPR instruction has been started in the app.  And all that for better safety and better tomorrow.



Team name: 3.14Team
Project name: Orlen Medic
Team members: Bartłomiej Hołota, Tomasz Ferfecki, Konrad Bysiek

What the project is about? One day your first aid skills may save live.

Project description: When human life is in danger every seconds counts. With Orlen Medic, everything you gonna need in the case of an emergency will be at grasp of your fingertips. Correct procedures verified by professionals, detailed information with info-graphics. Enormous map with wide selection points of interest: hospitals, medical doctors and AED machines. Besides this be always up to day with your knowledge about First Aid using Quiz game.


Team name: Kasztany
Project name: Orlen First Aid
Team members: Jacek Duszenko, Łukasz Pryjda

What the project is about? This project is important because it provides accident participants with instant and intelligent first aid recommendations tailored to particular situation, which decreases idle time during the accident.

Project description: Our approach focuses on an action that accident participant has to take first in all cases, namely to call the emergency. We leverage speech-to-text transcription received during the conversation with emergency number operator to extract the most useful information about the accident. Based on that, we display first aid recommendations. When the emergency call is finished, user can immediately see intelligent assistance that fits best for particular situation. The app eliminates searching for proper first aid behaviour and decreases idle time during the accident. We also provide users with intuitive first aid encyclopedia and realtime accident notifications system with geolocation and a map.

Capture The Flag! by Polish Armed Forces

Do you want to check yourself in space of Cybersecurity? After the phenomenal last year’s participation of the army, you will find us at HackYeah again! This year we have prepared new CTF challenge!

The competition will take place in Jeopardy mode, and the tasks themselves will be divided into 6 categories


  • Web Applications 
  • Binary Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Investigative Computer Science
  • Steganography
  • Cryptography


Scoring will be conducted in a dynamic system: the number of points per task will be awarded depending on the number of its solutions. Only adults of Polish nationality who are not employees of the Ministry of National Defense or soldiers on active military service may take part in the competition.

You can start individually or in pairs.


Team name: ELFDump
Team members:  Adam Zambrzycki, Krzysztof Haładyn

Internal employee communication using a chatbot by PKN Orlen

In a large enterprise employees often look for specific information in various categories. Some of that information is publicly available and can be found e.g. on the Intranet, while some of it require contact with particular employees. Such situations relate to e.g. information from the HR area on the person concerned. In addition to providing access to data available in the HR systems, there is also a need to provide the employee with additional explanation which is done by particular HR employees. The aim of the task is to propose a chatbot solution which would support the HR employees in providing additional information, i.a. based on a defined and constantly developed database of questions, continuous self-learning of the chatbot, search of available data and documents, etc. In addition to answering the questions, chatbot’s activities should also include pointing to particular locations on the network, where the employee can find the information of their interest, as well as providing with specific data files generated exclusively for them. The solution should be available on computers and smartphones. More details to follow soon.


Team name: Chatbotize
Project name: Oktaniusz – Employee Virtual Assistant
Team members: Maja Schaefer, Maciej Ciołek

Project description: Oktaniusz is a smart virtual assistant for Orlen employees. He is not only able to answer users’ questions but also engage them in activities like quizzes, contests, surveys, votings, and many, many more. Oktaniusz can be easily trained by your amazing team – he learns based on consultants’ work! We strongly encourage you to hire Oktaniusz – we promise that he will be an extremely hard-working guy and definitely a good friend 🙂

Team name: #DobrePytanie
Project name: Internal employee communication using a chatbot
Team members: Patryk Gutenplan, Wojciech Przechodzień

What the project is about? This project allows more effective work in the office and relieves the HR department.

Project description: We have created Orlen Chatbot. Our solution is omni channel, since it contains both chatbot (available on website) and voicebot (you can just call him, e.g. in case of lack of internet connection). Both bots use same engine and knowledge base so learning one bot will enrich the second one in same time.

Team name: Cheap Chatters
Project name: Donna
Team members: Michał Dobrzyński, Katarzyna Mildner, Yaroslav Shmarov, Karol Topolski

What the project is about? Donna unloads your HR department while still getting your employees’ questions answered – truly a win-win for both of the sides.

Project description: Donna let’s you turn your FAQ into a chatbot in minutes. Ask Donna a question in any language and she will get you an answer at the Knowledge Base generated from your FAQ, excel or any other document. Then, dig deeper into answers as Donna suggests you follow-up questions, links you to the relevant part of the documentation or – if she can’t find the answer in the Knowledge Base – sends a question to the HR department. She can also understand a demand for telephone number to the HR department if you really insist – and she knows when you insist. Low-cost maintenance, quick installation, zero onboarding and global languages support are not the only perks of Donna. The chatbot can be swiftly integrated with any messaging app you are currently using: messenger, hangouts, telegram – you name it.

IT Security by PKN Orlen

Workstation & OT server hardening verification (task 1) or assessing the level of cybersecurity (task 2)

Task 1
The solution should collect data about automation server and  workstation configuration, compare the collected configuration with the predefined model configuration and on this basis prepare a report. Data collection (i.a. audit policies, users, network interfaces, disk space, OS patches, AV, installed applications, launched websites) should be initiated manually and the results should be available in a legible form, e.g. in tabular form. The model configuration should be entered into the solution manually and stored in it under unique names. The solution must enable comparison of the collected configuration with the predefined model configuration and generate the report in a clear form. If the part relating to the model configuration is not provided, the report should contain the appropriate information. More details to follow soon.

Task 2
The solution should generate a report concerning the level of cybersecurity based on the information provided, broken down by particular areas e.g. network area, workstation and server area, procedural area, automation application area. The solution should enable saving entered answers and saving reports along with the information about who and when entered the answer / generated the report.

Assessing the level of cybersecurity should be based on a developed methodology, whose parameters should be configurable in the solution. More details to follow soon.


Team name: kraken_team
Project name: Kraken Tool
Team members: Mikołaj Kowalczyk, Michał Dyczko, Damian Strycharczuk, Waldemar Kołodziejczyk

What the project is about? This project is important, because it automates and accelerates the process of security audit.

Project description: Kraken is an aggregator of security audits and security tests results. It enables user to create reports from these procedures. User can create his own audit question categories and questions. What is more, Kraken calculates score for each category and prepares heuristics in order to maximize security level increase with the lowest cost.


Team name: DIONYSYS
Project name: DIONYSYS
Team members: Wojciech Kasperski, Marcin Kielar, Oskar Drozda, Maciej Czyżewski, Bogaczyński41

What the project is about? Why our project is important? It’s focus on what’s is most important in the IT industry – IT Security.

Project description: DionySys is lightweight application designed for ensuring server and workstation security in a complex networks. It features scanning for vulnerabilities in real time on multiple machines and comparing results with reference configuration.

Team name: I do!
Project name: Comparison of server configuration engine
Team members: Aleksander Jabłoński, Łukasz Kirylak

What the project is about? This project was important because it showed idea of a simple to use tool which could be extended to enable operators to do their job faster and to skip repetitive/frustrating tasks that could be automated.

Project description: We want to provide PKN Orlen with sollution, which will be useful for their IT Operations Center. We want to enable administrators to do less manual job and to have full and quick view of data regarding their environment. The sollution does not affect OS on machine during check, only send it’s config for futher comparation with matched pattern.We created powerful, automative tool from ground up. Everything in this project we planed, coded and created (using some open-source frameworks) in 2 person team in 24 hours. Main tools we used includes PowerShell Scripts, Laravel Framework and MySQL database. Our tool is scallable, from 1 to thousands of workstations. We can easly add features to accomodate other options. The only one bottleneck are funcionalities of Windows Power Shell Tool and Windows Management Instrumentation Tool, both of which are used for taking information about workstations/servers.


WE MOVE. YOU WIN. by Bosch Rexroth

The algorithm and implementation of the adjustment of the servo drives position using real time image processing so called optical feedback.

The goal of the task is to use the available tools and libraries for image processing and Bosch Rexroth servo drive control for precise positioning of the shaft at a given position using the real time camera image.

In order to recognize the image frames, their unblurring, and at the same time accurately determine the position of the servo drive, a number of different techniques can be used, among others opencv or artificial neural network.



Team name: JustCheckingHow
Project name: Bosch Motor Console
Team members: Arkadiusz Pajor, Witold Wydmański, Paweł Kulig, Szymon Steczek, Jakub Mojsiejuk, Wojciech Lysek

What the project is about? Controlling engine with simple commands basing on input from a CCTV camera.”

Project description: Most common types of motors can be given a limited set of commands – „rotate left”, „rotate right” or „stop”. The ones used for precise tasks need a way of controlling them on a level higher than that. Commonly, it is achieved by using a sensor dedicated for the specific parts. We have created a universal optic-based shaft encoder for a Bosch Rexroth’s motor, allowing us to read and control its rotation without any additional hardware other than a camera.

Enter the world of entertainment by Totalizator Sportowy

Totalizator Sportowy – the owner of the LOTTO brand invites you to design a new interactive tool. The world of lotteries absorbs more and more solutions from the area of new technologies. It is important to achieve synergy between many communication channels and to build multidimensional tools to broaden the horizons of entertainment. We are looking for the solutions which will allow us to confirm the age and identity of players based on internet and biometric data, used in both on-line and land-based sales channels.


Team name: Pink Monkeys
Project name: Totalface
Team members: Szymon Kocur, Dawid Hallmann, Sławomir Grzebień, Piotr Basiński, Tomasz Mularczyk, Dmytro Myroshnychenko

What the project is about? Totalface will protect children from gambling and lottery games.

Project description: Our project introduced Totalface – age verification platform based on facial recognition of Totalizator’s customers. System aimed to work in both online and offline channels. It provides anonymity of the customer as we only store the fact, that user is 18+. We also used Hyperledger blockchain to store the fact of each interaction with the system in order to provide future scalability possibilities in cooperation with different companies.

Data categorizing software by EXATEL

Amount of available data increases every day. Finding useful information – information we can work with – is possible, but quite tedious and difficult without spending lots of resources.
Can you write the software which, given a lot of uncategorized data (say – tweets, blog posts, application logs, pcaps), groups them by the similarity of the discussed topic?
The goal is that certain groups can be ignored as uninteresting and other browsed manually. Could you score and sort the information in a useful way?
If you’ve considered trying your skills with unsupervised machine learning, this challenge is for you!


Team name: MMM
Project name: Uncategorized Data Exploration Tool
Team members: Michał Jadczuk, Marta Zajkowska, Maciej Sawicki

Project description: Our application allows to explore uploaded datasets in two ways: by generating a set of categories via document clustering, to give the users a high level overview of the most common categories, as well as by providing a way to define own categories and feeds. Using a full text search database and machine learning-based similarity metric, the application allows to filter content not only by keywords, but also semantic similarity of entered phrases. The proof-of-concept demo supports exploration of data extract from Pastebin.


The Ministry of Digital Affairs runs an open data portal
Everyone can use data made available on the portal for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.
No registration is required. In consequence a portal administrator can not monitor a scale of public open data re-use and its impact.
The task is to create an application/a tool  for the portal administrator that would identify products, services or applications that used open data provided on the portal and suggest  where such a product, service or application has been made available.
Source code of the portal


Team name: Hakje
Project name: Monitor użycia
Team members: Karol Horosin, Konrad Zambrano, Iga Niemiec, Szymon Szozda

What the project is about? The project enables the Ministry of Digital Affairs to find applications using open government data in order to adjust the offer of portal to the real set of needs.

Project description: is the place where various collections of data created by government agencies is freely available for any use envisioned by it’s users. The open access policy makes it challenging for portal administrators to target their efforts. The project focuses on implementing several approaches to finding information about potential users of the data, including phrase monitoring and reverse IP lookup. The collected information is presented to the administrator  via an attractive summary report with informative charts.


Digital accessibility validator for mobile applications by THE MINISTRY OF DIGITAL AFFAIRS

Mobile applications should be digitally available to users with disabilities, which in practice means they must meet the requirements of WCAG 2.1. However, there is no simple IT tool that could inform the programmer or the person receiving the ordered application whether the application meets these requirements or not, or at least whether there are no gross errors of digital accessibility. We need such a validator for iOS and Android applications.


Team name: DDD
Project name: WCAG 2.1 Validator
Team members: Kacper Potyrała, Filip Grzywok, Jan Rosa, Krzysztof Jędrzejek, Unweek

What the project is about? Due to Digital Accessibility Act, every public institution in Poland needs to follow WCAG 2.1 rules in order to release a mobile application. We’ve created a tool for Ministry of Digital Affaris that automates the process of validating if a given app follows these rules.

Project description: Accesibility validator for iOS and Android apps. Validating a mobile application for accessibility requirements can be a real challenge, especially when you have to manually check a lot of views in many apps. We made an easy-to-use validator which can visually show the developer which things need corrections before releasing the application.


PKP Intercity

The goal of the task is to create a game involving passengers of PKP Intercity. The game should be strictly related to the context of travelling by train. It’s main aim is to improve the experience of each contact users have with the PKP Intercity brand, including travel and events organized by the carrier. Moreover the game should also fulfill the educational function and enable creation of the community of passengers.


Team name: Kolejarze
Project name: Kolej na grę
Team members: Magdalena Terefenko, Agnieszka Tchórznicka, Bartosz Gałek

What the project is about? The game in a fun way engages the passengers of PKP Intercity improving their experience with the brand and encouraging them to choose the travelling by train.

Project description: KOLEJ NA GRĘ is an educational game dedicated to the passengers of PKP Intercity and a part of proposed loyalty programme. The passenger collects the points for the real kilometeres traveled with PKP Intercity and for the the virtual kilometers traveled in the game, which can be later exchanged for attractive rewards. At each station in KOLEJ NA GRĘ is waiting a new game related to the city, where the passenger can not only have some fun while travelling but also learn something new about the city and get some inspiration for the next journey.

Chatbot for sensitive information by GFT Poland

Chatbots. They offer great benefits in service automation but are not easy to implement from scratch. For this reason, there are many publicly available services that make chatbot creation way easier and quicker. The problem with these solutions, especially in the finance sector, is users share lots of sensitive data whilst using a bot. Phone numbers, addresses, document ids, they go to the public cloud. It is not acceptable for many GFT clients.

In our challenge, we ask you to design a „data sensitive chatbot”. Its engine will be hosted publicly, but it needs to introduce measures that will enable its usage with sensitive data safely.


Team name: Codeheroes
Project name: Codeheroes – Sieve (GFT sensitive bot)
Team members: Jakub Darul, Maciej Ciołek

What the project is about? Our solution enables companies who process sensitive data to use cloud-based chatbot APIs, because it stores all sensitive data locally. Therefore chatbot users wont have to agree to sending their sensitive data to chatbot providers.

Project description: Sieve is a chatbot proxy for sensitive information. We created a proxy – Chat API responsible for labeling and filtering out sensitive information in client messages. Our target audience could be companies who want to use cloud-based chatbot engine, but don’t want to share clients’ private data with chatbot provider. Main tools we employed are named-entity recognition, and regular expressions.

Chat to EU by European Commission

With fake news spreading on decentralised channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, how can an institution such as the European Commission use the same tools to make itself better known as a credible source of information and fight for a good cause: facts-based interactions?

Build a technology layer (algorithm, chatbot…) that cuts through the jungle of EU information! The tool will rely on a set of data sources to offer most up-to-date and reliable EU information on a specific topic. The objective is to build a fun conversation partner that is able to explain who does what in a specific field, debunk myths and also to learn from the user! Beware: it shall keep you engaged through its personalisation elements and you will want to keep chatting, learning more about the EU.

The main aim of the challenge will be to fight and prevent disinformation and the topic (to be revealed at a later stage) is to be seen just as an example. The bulk of the challenge is to build a chatbot that can crawl a selection of pages and provide a natural interaction replying to concerns and questions about the EU. It is not a rules-based, but a knowledge-based bot – pure AI is what we are after, although nothing prevents you from pushing from time to time a series of choices to the user to drive the conversation further.


Team name: Chatbotize
Project name: Eugene – the EU chatbot
Team members: Maja Schaefer, Maciej Ciołek, Łukasz Kaźmierczak

Project description: We have built Eugene – the one and only European Union chatbot consultant. Eugene helps users to cut through the jungle of information which up to this point were only available in the form of huge, unapproachable PDF documents. The project is especially important now, since a lot of users search for answers to Brexit related questions.

Let’s change how people plan and book a travel! by LOT

Flying is an amazing experience, but planning and booking a flight sometimes can be difficult. Haven’t you ever asked yourself questions like: Where to go? How to find the best price for my trip? What cabin class to choose from? How big bag I can take with me?

Let’s try to think and redefine the way how we may inspire people for travel and make their life easier by improving an experience with booking a flight.

You’ll have an access to LOT’s API to challenge every step of the booking flow. Show us how the future of travel booking may look like!

Create an app or website redefining the four steps of travel booking:


  • Inspiration where to fly
  • Destination, travel dates and passengers selection
  • Flight and cabin class selection
  • Additional services (favourite seat nad extra bag selection)


Apart from LOT’s API you may use any available public API to enrich your idea and Customer experience.


Team name: LOT ponad Chmury
Project name: LOTYoung – Inspirational App Planner
Team members: Tomasz Kujawski, Mateusz Wilczyński

What the project is about? The mobile application redefines the time spent offline on the plane by offering a combination of many services like Eventbrite, AIrbnb Experiences or Tripadvisor, allowing you to check the possibilities of spending time in the destination to which the passenger is going, expanding the e-commercial potential of additional services.

Project description: We want to provide additional features, including the time of flight when the app is offline, for youngster style of travelling. Objective was to provide additional features to deliver higher value of LOT services.  Features implemented inside app: – LOT API destinations fetched – Inspiration Grid View with Unsplash API hipster style inspirational destinates coralted stock photos – Buying Ticket – E-commerce additional features (+ luggage, other seat, priority, lounge) – Eventbrite API imported events – Adding to favorites  In Post MVP adding: – Foursquare, Tripadvisor API, Expedia API, Unsplash API, Yelp API, Meet API, Airbnb – Experiences API disposal (regular and ashtray), etc. Thanks to this game the cities not only become free from cigarette butts but also they receive map of needs, that sets strategies to solve problems of specific areas.


The future of media by Ringer Axel Springer

Technology has transformed how we consume news. There’s no waiting for an evening newspaper to arrive at your doorstep, no long-awaited weekly portions of juicy gossip, and almost no TV programmes that we go back to every Thursday.

Most of the content we enjoy is becoming available on-demand, whenever and wherever we want. We can binge, we can rewatch, reread and comment. We use our phones for work, for fun, to get news and to express opinions any time we want. Many people thrive in the online world… but there are also some that are left behind or left overwhelmed. 

Young people are glued to their phones, effortlessly merging virtual with offline but find it hard to focus on what is important… Smartphones are the last and first things we touch every day, fake news can spread like wildfire, and online bullying is becoming a sad reality for many. Clearly, in this landscape, media today are facing challenges like never before.

The future is being created now. It may be wonderful or it may be the opposite. It’s pretty much up to us. 

How could we include those who struggle with staying up to date in an online world: the elderly, those with disabilities and others? How to make sure they can fully participate in the online world: reading news, expressing views, shopping and socializing? How can we help those who can’t hear anything meaningful in a constant online buzz? How to help people manage the chaos of uncertain information coming at them from different sources?


Team name: “U mnie działa”
Project name: Sensible Browsing Extension
Team members: Daniel Mika, Szymon Kurowski, Paweł Malina, Łukasz Potaczek, Mateusz Marchewka, Eryk Dziedzic

What the project is about? There is exponential growth of content on the internet and real time media, so people have to go through many articles to find useful informations. We have created browser extension that extract most useful information from articles and detect fake news to solve this problem.

Project description: Our goal was to create simple and convenient tool that will help users find the important details in the article they are reading but also will query through other articles, on the same topic, that may contain different details that user might be looking for. We have created the web browser extension that can scan the articles and analyze it with the use of Natural Language Processing algorithms to find the most important parts of the document, detect possible fake news, and show comments from other websites.

Cigarette-butts free world by Philip Morris International

Every year millions of (Legal Age) Smokers are throwing away cigarette butts on the ground – trashing our beaches, parks and streets. There is something that needs to be done, if not, in 10 years there may be more cigarette butts in the World than fish. PMI Poland is asking you to join the forces in solving that butt littering problem which is touching all EU countries therefore we are looking for Global solution.

Let’s create the biggest and the most impactful solution ever which helps us to create a movement to end cigarette butt litter. Be part of the environmental change, create a solution how to clean the World from butts which will be applicable for all EU countries, starting in Poland!


Team name: Codeheroes_
Project name: Świąt w tym roku nie będzie
Team members: Wiktor Szwajka, Paweł Falisz, Krzysztof Goluszka, Adam Cichociński

What the project is about? Our project aims to make the public aware of the serious threat to man and the environment of throwing cigarette filters into inappropriate places.

Project description: Our project was created to educate people about water pollution made by cigarettes butts. We developed simple mobile game that allows user to reach opportunity to win usefull accessories. Our solution is not just a game. It allows your company to create much more marketing campaigns(contests, promocodes) in the future.


Team name: WpiszCokolwiek
Project name: CleanWithTeam
Team members: Mateusz Nowak, Martyna Wiśnik, Marcin Wątroba, Sebastian Kondracki, Jarosław Godyń

What the project is about? Thanks to this game the cities not only become free from cigarette butts but also they receive map of needs, that sets strategies to solve problems of specific areas.

Project description:  We wanted to create the city game application that uses Corporate Social Responsibility. The company register on the website and receive access to special panel of challenge generator. Then the company generates challenge for employees and provide them with all necessary information. Using a dedicated mobile app, people can clean up the selected area individually or organized in teams. System generates small areas to clean up and step by step guides users through the map. Each activity is tracked, as a basis for awarding points. Users receive points also for additional activities, for example: indication of the level of contamination, waste containers disposal (regular and ashtray), etc. Thanks to this game the cities not only become free from cigarette butts but also they receive map of needs, that sets strategies to solve problems of specific areas.