We have a great news if you’re coming to HackYeah from  Kraków, Gdynia, Białystok, Poznań, Wrocław, Rzeszów, Katowice, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Łódź, Szczecin.  PKP has prepared free tickets for you – for the way to Warsaw and back.

Check the time of departure from your city to HACKYEAH:

  • IC4108 – Katowice. Departure at 06:05 AM 14th September.
  • IC9100 – Łódź Fabryczna. Departure at 08:16 AM 14th September.
  • EIP 3508 – Rzeszów Główny. Departure at 06:16 AM 14th September.
  • TLK82106 – Bydgoszcz Główna. Departure at 07:40 AM 14th September.
  • EIP6104 – Wrocław Główny. Departure at 06:18 AM 14th September.
  • IC10111 – Białystok. Departure at 08:53 AM 14th September.
  • EIC8110 – Poznań Główny. Departure at 07:09 AM 14th September.
  • EIC8110 – Szczecin. Departure at 04:05 AM 14th September.
  • TLK35106 – Kraków Główny. Departure at 07:04 AM 14th September.
  • EIP5110 – Gdynia Główna. Departure at 07:13 AM 14th September.
  • TLK21010 – Lublin. Departure at 07:49 AM 14th September.

The trains from Warsaw are:

  • TLK53106 – Kraków Główny. Departure at 06:00 PM 15th September.
  • TLK35100 – Gdynia Główna. Departure at 07:10 PM 15th September.
  • TLK10100 – Białystok. Departure at 05:50 PM 15th September.
  • TLK17102 – Poznań Główny. Departure at 07:03 PM 15th September.
  • IC1617 – Wrocław Główny. Departure at 07:20 PM 15th September.
  • EIP5308 – Rzeszów Główny. Departure at 05:47 PM 15th September.
  • TLK14101 – Katowice. Departure at 08:27 PM 15th September.
  • TLK12011 – Lublin. Departure at 05:10 PM 15th September.
  • TLK28106 – Bydgoszcz Główna. Departure at 04:56 PM 15th September.
  • IC1901 – Łódź Fabryczna. Departure at 06:14 PM 15th September.
  • EIC1811 – Szczecin. Departure at 04:18 PM 15th September

Important! Departures may change, check our website regularly. We will also notify you via email about every change. 


Remember! The number of tickets is limited. Sign up for free tickets before they are finished!

How can I sign up for a ticket?

  1. Make sure you have your HackYeah ticket.
  2. Go to the dedicated registration. 
  3. During the registration, enter your HackYeah ticket number.
  4. Wait for our confirmation. Once we confirm your HackYeah ticket and verify the number of tickets left for your city, we will notify you via email. 


How can I pick up my train ticket?

  1. The tickets are traditional printed tickets. We will hand them out to everyone on a specific date and time. Please show up at the main station in your city on September 11th. We will be giving out the tickets from 4pm till 8:30pm. 
  2. Our staff will be waiting in the main hall; you can recognize us by our HackYeah T-shirts.


If you have any questions, please contact  Maciej Kutyła (maciej.kutyla@hy2019.test +48 506 804 555)